Meeting Minutes August 11, 2015

Sun Valley Figure Skating Club

Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2015

The regular meeting of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club was called to order at 5:50 pm at Windermere,

Ketchum Idaho by Trina Peters


Jen Silva, Trina Peters, Nick Maricich, Karen Hoffman, Rick Hoffman, Julie Siegel, Scott Irvine


Darlin Baker, Nick Edmonds, Neil Morrow

Approval of July Minutes – all approved.

Summer Competition wrap up

▪ Trina discussed this years income. While the numbers are still being finalized, we estimate income of about

$43,000 and expenses of about $35k-$36k. Prior years’ net has been a little higher, but the Board felt this was

agood outcome given the new Board transition and late planning

▪ Discussed the need to educate people earlier about what it takes to pull off the competition so as to eliminate

only a few people doing most of the jobs. We need to get more new parents involved. One idea was having a

meet and greet info night on back patio during a Learn to Skate. Maybe 4 times during the session. Have

wine and talk and answer questions.

▪ Scott reported the competition went smoothly and was a success.

▪ Discussed the DEBREIF session that was held with the competition committee and new ideas for next year.

▪Trina to put all relevant documents on a thumb drive for future use.

Test Sessions

▪ Karen Hoffman updated us on the August 2nd test session, which went great. Judges were appreciative and we

will have same set up for August 31st session.

▪ Karen stated that she would like to have someone shadow her for next session in order to co-chair the

February test date. Some possible names were discussed.

Annual Award banquet

▪ Gold medals pins need to be located. Jen will contact Stefanie to see if they ordered them.

▪ We discussed possible date of Sept. 11th and where to have it .

▪Jen Silva to reach out to Kelly Bozzuto to see if she could oversee.

Learn to Skate

▪ October 2nd was discusssed as a possible start date. There was also discussion of a 5:00 start time instead of


.▪ Discussed hiring someone to manage the program instead of a volunteer. Trina to contact Holly Wheeler to

see if she has an interest.

▪ Board concluded that junior skaters should not work as lead coaches for the program, as they have not been

trained properly.

Upcoming Competition Dates

▪ Winter games will be February 13th and Summer Championships on July 21-25th

National Showcase bid

▪ Discussed possibility of entering a bid for the National Showcase in August 2017. We all agreed it would be a

wonderful thing to have an offer here in Sun Valley but is it feasible? Talked about getting the community

involved and the logistics at the ink.

▪ Possible dates are first two weeks in August. It is just after Summer Championships.

▪ Discussed getting into the Intermountain Club group of skating clubs to perhaps get other clubs involved to


▪ We all agreed to think about it and vote at next meeting.


▪Rick reported that all items are in his garage and he would like to set up time to move into Julie’s office. We

have a new storage unit at Clear Creek and are completely moved out of the old one. Rick to inform Gary of


▪ Nick will call to get reimbursed for remaining lease rent that had been pre-paid

Future meeting schedule – the next meeting will be on September 8, 2015 at Windermere

Executive Session: Trina then called for an executive session.


1. Jen will contact Stefanie gold pins.

2. Trina to contact Holly Wheeler, re. Learn to Skaten

3. Nick to contact officer landlord, re remaining lease.

4. Jen to contact Kelly Bozzuto, re Awards banquet

Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned at 7:30p.m. by Trina Peters

Minutes submitted by: Jen Silva

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