One year after the Sun Valley Lodge opened for it’s first Winter Season in 1939, the Sun Valley Skating Club was formed as a probationary member of the United States Figure Skating Association. It is one of the oldest Skating Clubs in the United States, having been in operation for over seven decades.

From 1942 to 1946, during World War II, the Sun Valley Resort was used as a convalescent facility for the US Navy. The Club was inactive during those years, as were most others in the U.S., but resumed operation in 1947.

The ice surface, from 1937 to 1955 consisted of a small 120’ by 60’ outdoor rink. Next to it, the resort also maintained natural ice in the winter on the Sun Valley Lodge lawn. In 1955 a larger outdoor rink replaced the smaller one. This is the outdoor ice rink we skate on today.

On May 8, 1949 the Sun Valley Skating Club, which then had 47 members, received it’s permanent membership with the USFSA. At that time the President of the Club was W.P. Rogers. Six years later the Sun Valley Skating Club was incorporated and renamed the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club.

Through the efforts of the Sun Valley, Union Pacific, and the Sun Valley Skating Club the Saturday Night Ice Shows were created in 1937 and have been an ongoing tradition ever since. While the Club no longer has an active role in the shows, our youngest skaters appear in a group number weekly and we host a snack bar every Saturday night to raise funds for the Club and it’s programs.

The Sun Valley Figure Skating Club held it’s first test sessions in 1956 and it’s first competition, created by Herman Maricich, in 1966. The Club now hosts two annual competitions, the Sun Valley Winter Games and the Sun Valley Summer Championships, the latter being the largest competition held each year in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2011 the Club held it’s first Battle of the Blades fundraiser, affectionately known as BOB. BOB pairs local celebrities with professional skaters in an attempt to skate their way to a prize. This fun event not only raises money for the Club but actively involves 9 other local charities in the fundraising process. A sell out each year, BOB is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

With the hard working help of it’s dedicated members and the support of the Blaine County community, the Sun Valley Figure Skating club has survived and thrived for many years.

We have a bright future ahead.