Board Meeting Minutes Nov. 2015

Update from November’s Club Board meeting:

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  We wanted to give a quick update on what came out of the November 4th Board meeting:
1) The annual holiday and award party will be held Friday, December 11th 5:30-7:00.  You should have received several emails, so we hope you will attend!  Please be sure to to send in the form with competition results and volunteer hours so skaters can be recognized appropriately for their accomplishments.  There will be an exhibition, raffles, food, beverage and small gifts.
2) The skate swap was quite a success, and we will hold another swap this upcoming Friday 3:00-6:00 at the outdoor rink.  There will be some new items, so be sure to stop by.  Thank you to Holly, Jen and Carmen for managing the event.
3) All Club members will have an opportunity to skate for free when Club ice begins in early January and continues into April.  Times and days will be forthcoming.  These sessions will be for TRAINING only, and not playing with friends or goofing around.  We will be recruiting ice monitors to ensure skaters are abiding by the rules.  For parents who typically stay at the rink while their children are skating, we are hoping you might be willing to serve as ice monitors.
4) In our last letter after the October meeting, we had identified the fiscal year as 10/1/14-9/30/15.  On advice from our tax counsel, we switched to a calendar year starting 1/1/15.  We will therefore be filing two returns: one for 10/1/14-12/31/14 AND one for this calendar year.  For the short period, we reported a loss of $15,946 – as explained in our last note, we had some Battle of the Blades expenses that did not come in until after we booked the income prior to 9/31/14, as well as some of Holly’s salary.  As for this calendar year, through October 31, we are showing a loss of $3,740.  We had a number of significant one-time expenses earlier this year, including legal/bookkeeping fees, office rent, advertising/promotion costs, and club travel.  We continue to have a healthy cash reserve, and continue to cut expenses wherever possible.  We are working on developing a close-to-balanced budget for FY 2016.  We will present that budget at the annual meeting.
5) After much deliberation, the Board has opted NOT to pursue hosting the National Showcase event in Sun Valley in August 2017.  While we do have the facilities and physical capacity to host such an event, we remain deeply concerned over our volunteer capabilities.  The Board felt that we need at least one more year to continue to build a base of volunteers who are committed to helping the Club at events like this, especially on the heels of the summer competition and test session.  We will explore applying for the 2018 event instead.
6) That said, the Board embraced the idea of expanding our summer competition.  To that end, we have applied to be part of the qualifying solo dance series and are looking into including adult free skate events as well.  Scott has built a nice following of adult skaters during the adult skating week in August, and we think we can attract some of that group and others.  We will look to expand how we promote the event as well.
7) The Club’s annual meeting will take place on Monday, January 11th, time and place TBD.  Trina will provide an overview of the year, and we will elect new Board members.  As of now, we have one open position.  A nomination committee has been formed and includes Jen Silva, Kirsten Cleveland and Gina McLaren.  If you are interested in running for election, or know someone who might be, please contact one of the three of them.  As a reminder, the current Board members are Trina Peters, Neil Morrow, Jen Silva, Julie Siegel, Nick Maricich, Darlin Baker and Rick Hoffman.
8) Anita Hartshorn has been busy contacting former Sun Valley skaters to create a Club alumnae group so skaters can be informed of Club events, etc.  Please contact Anita if you know of anyone who might have an interest in being part of this group or if you’d like to learn more!  Anita is at
9) The Board is continuing to explore the opportunity to hostBattle of the Blades next summer.  If you have any thoughts, please relay them to any of the Board members.
10) The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, December 8th at 5:45 pm at the Windemere office, Main Street and 2nd Street.  All are welcome.
Thanks to all for your continued commitment to the Club – hope to see you at the holiday party!