January 2019 Board Minutes

SVSFC Mins – Board Meeting – Thursday January 10, 2019

  • Members in Attendance: Jen E. Neil M. Kim H.. Robin A. Jan H.
  • Members absent – Annie L, Annie V, Andrea J
  • SV Rink Rep: Scott Irvine
  • Learn to Skate Expansion Discussion took place. How do we pursue new opportunities to expand program and create a better conversion rate to to club members and new skater? L2S 2. Scholarship opps?
    • L2S Broke even
  • Budget Discussion
    • Jackets – loss. Will continue to be if we keep subsidizing it. $1000/year. This is an acceptable expense. Move to benefit or marketing line.
    • Summer Comp. brought in $$
    • Winter Games. brought in $$
    • Skate Swap move to misc.

Discussion to place on how to allocate club funds for member benefits:

  • $150 for entry fees to those who have been members 2 years or more (beginning of 3rd year). This needs to be thought through in more detail. But is a great idea. Deadlines for application.
  • Scholarship or gift based on achievement/merit – submit an application for compensation for bigger comps – travel, lodging. etc. Define parameters and criteria for approval. Can these funds come from Scholarship?

Jen recommended that we never have more than 100k in the operating account. Move $10k to scholarship and $6k to pay off potential ’19 expenses. Neil M. made the motion to approve, Jan 2nd. all in favor.

Move to Approve: Neil M. to approve 2019 budget as amended. Andrea 2nd. All in favor.

New Board Nomination – Hollis Zimmer. Jan nominated – all approve. Need her bio.

Winter Games – Feb. 23rd and 24th. New referee.

Volunteers – Jan and Annie in charge – board members to recommend organizations to reach out to. Organize a separate announcing group. 10 people. Scott will train.

  • Possible Announcers
    • Theater Group
    • Old folks home

Hiring someone to work with Jen to create a “Completion How to Book”. Then hiring an event planner to run the event in future years.

  • Wedding planners or assistant.
  • Person needs to be very detailed and trained well.

Summer Games – July 15 – 22.

  • Start Planning now

Meeting Sched. Thursdays at 6:15. Robin A. will publish board meeting dates on the Newsletter.

Neil motioned to adjourn. Jen 2nd. All in favor.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:27 pm