Meeting Minutes July 7, 2015

The regular meeting of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club was called to order at 5:50 pm at Windermere, Ketchum Idaho by Trina Peters

Jen Silva, Trina Peters, Nick Maricich, Neil Morrow, Rick Hoffman, Debbie Barrymore, Nikki Enkgraf, Julie Siegel

Darlin Baker, Nick Edmonds.

Trina introduced Julie Siegel to board as possible new member

Nomination of Board Member
▪Nick nominated Julie to board. All in favor.

Election of Treasurer
▪ Nick made motion to appoint Julie as treasurer. Rick 2nd. All approved and in favor
Debbie Barrymore and Nikki Enkgraf our bookkeepers were introduced to the board. Discussion on their past involvement with club.

Review of Financials
▪ Discussion of past bills due
▪ Discussion of location of computer- Jen to ask Stefanie of its whereabouts
▪ Discussion on annual report due to state by April 30. A change of registered agent also needed.
▪ Discuss invoices due to Barrymore for May and June- Jen will pay
▪ We need Stripe and Square passwords
▪ Discussion on what Julie’s responsibilities as treasurer will be and what will Barrymore do?
▪ Discussion on attorney fees- $1800.00
▪ Discussion on quick book bill
▪ Julie will send pdf of 1099 to Trina- we need 1099 on coaches and teachers if over 600.00$

Storage Unit
▪ Rick updated us on storage and situation of sharing with Gary Foster. In his opinion we need our own.
Summer Competition
▪ Holly has completed a lot for us!
▪ Judges are set, but we still need someone to handle/pass out awards, announcing
▪ We discussed sending out a volunteer announcement.
▪ Short discussion on budget and fees.

▪ Discussion on Julie membership – Jen to coordinate with Julie how to do so.
▪ How many members now?- Jen to print out current members.

Snack bar updat
▪  July 4th show made 334.00$
Future meeting schedule
Second Tuesday of most months. – 5:45pm
1. Jen will contact Stefanie re: location of computer
2. Jen to fill out paperwork for change of registered agent.
3. Jen to pay bill to Barrymore for May and June
4. Julie to email pdf of 1099 to Trina
5. Jen to print report of members
Meeting was adjourned at 7:30p.m. by Trina Peters

Minutes submitted by: Jen Silva