Meeting Minutes June 22, 2015

Sun Valley Figure Skating Club
Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2015

The regular meeting of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club was called to order at 5:50 pm at Windermere, Ketchum Idaho by Neil Morrow

Jen Silva, Trina Peters, Nick Maricich, Neil Morrow, Rick Hoffman, Karen Hoffman, Scott Irvine, Marilyn Alcamo

Darlin Baker, Gig Groff, Nick Edmonds.

Approval of Minutes
Nick made motion to approve June 9 minutes, Jen 2nd. All approved.
Election of President
▪ Nick made motion to appoint Trina for President. Rick 2nd. All approved and in favor
Discussion of Treasurer Position
• Darlin has expressed her desire to be replaced as Treasurer – she was appointed on a temporary basis.

▪ Short discussion on bookkeeper, Debbie Barrymore. She does a lot. We pay 10 hours a month.
▪ Nick made motion to postpone Treasurer position until next meeting. Neil 2nd. All approved

Review of Financials
▪ Discussion led by Neil about Bookeeper. Should we do more and the bookkeeper less?
What should we do and what not to do.
▪ Neil is meeting with Carol Jensen, the club’s CPA for many years and will get info regarding our tax situation.
▪ Discussion on check signing. – need to cancel credit cards and change name on check
account. Jen will be only one on check signing for now to expedite payment of
outstanding bills. Jen and Darlin going to bank. Stefanie needs to take her name off
Club Office status and plans
▪ Discussion on the computer. Who can get it and see what is on it?
▪ Nick will call Ron Sharp to see about our lease
▪ Discussion on Office space. We feel we do not need it. We can have a mobile office.
▪ Scott will allow us to store some things at rink
▪ Rick and Karen will checkout office and storage
▪ Need a mail drop slot at the rink.
▪ Discussion on phone line at office.
▪ Trina will ask Jenni Simpson if she would serve as press Chair and takeover the website updating responsibility as well. .
▪ Jen Silva will follow up on a few immediate things such as links and test forms. Contact Mike at JML publishing.
Summer Competition
▪ Scott led discussion. 175 skaters. 3 adults, 1 pairs team registered to date. Kim the accountant says we are looking good. Holly is helping out as needed.
▪ Discussed program. Karen will take this on. Schedule estimated to be done July 1st
▪ Discussed a drafted budget based on prior years.
▪ We need someone to oversee ordering and distribution of medals….Trina will ask Michelle Gentling to take this on
▪ Discussion on snack bar for ice shows each weekend. – Jen to ask Carmen Ward oversee?
Renewal Process for Membership
▪ Membership going well with Entry Eeze.- .Jen will send out reminders to coaches and membership.
Future meeting schedule
▪ July 7th, 5:45pm. Windermere
1. Jen will contact Mike at JML publishing
2. Jen to contact Darlin and have her ask Stefanie about Facebook access, phone voicemail, any judges for test sessions
3. Jen and Darlin will go to bank after Stefanie removes her name and have Jen added to account
4. Jen to confirm with Michelle Gentling re: medals
5. Jen to Ask Carmen Ward about helping with snack bar at Saturday night shows.
6. Neil to meet with Carol Jensen
7. Nick to call Ron Sharp
8. Rick and Karen to go to office and storage and survey contents. Also contact Gary Foster
Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned at 7:40p.m. by Trina Peters

Minutes submitted by: Jen Silva