Meeting Minutes June 9, 2015

Sun Valley Figure Skating Club
Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2015


The regular meeting of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club was called to order at 6:30pm at Sun Valley Inn by Darlin Baker.


Jen Silva, Darlin Baker, Nick Maricich, Neil Morrow, Rick Hoffman, Gretchen Groff, Scott Irvine

Approval of Minutes

There were no previous minutes to approve.

Open Issues

  1. Board Member Introductions
    1. Nick Maricich– involved with skating for many years. He was the Skating Director for 4 years. Father Herman Maricich founded the club 1954. Been on many boards and familiar with club practices and policies. Family has donated a substantial amount of money to SVFSC over the years.
    2. Rick Hoffman– Daughter is a skater, wife previous board member, wants to support club and focus on kids.
    3. Scott Irvine– Rink manager, competitive skater and works for Sun Valley Co. Would like to act as a liaison between the club and SV co.
    4. Gretchen Groff – also known as Gigi. Was asked to be on board previously to help with handicapped and special needs kids. Is still interested in helping out even if not in that capacity.
    5. Darlin Baker– prof. Coach, has been on board for 1 month. Feels that she can be helpful and not a conflict of interest. All other members are comfortable having her on the board even though she is very involved with teaching, her new babies etc.
    6. Jen Silva– has two children who skate, was on board before, used to skate when younger and taking lesson now and testing.
    7. ** board not present – Jenni Simpson, Trina Peters, and Nick Edmonds
  1. Board officer nominations
    1. Nick nominated Jen Silva for Secretary, all approved.
    2. Darlin was already temporary treasurer,
    3. Nick nominated Neil Morrow as VP – all approved
  1. Treasurer report-
    1. N/A
  1. Club Office status and plans
    1. Scott explained old office situation and offered to store some of our things that we need for competition i.e. printer, tables, and chairs.
    2. Office is in Bellevue. Not practical location but think that it was paid for year or more. Lease is with Ron Sharp. Nick will contact and find out if we can get out of lease. Money back and also possibility of changing locks.
    3. We all agreed to keep it for the time being until we can get settled.
  1. Budget/Financial
    1. Darlin has access to bank account
    2. Nick made motion for there to be double signature on all 300.00 or more purchases. All approved.
    3. Scott would like a SVFSC credit card on file at the rink for things like club jackets and when we are not available to write him a check and he needs it by a certain date.
  2. Tax issues
    1. Neil updated us on his discussions with the Idaho state tax dept and their inquiry into past sales tax policies.
    2. Neil explained the difference between 501c3 and 501c7. We may want to change our classification of nonprofit statues as it could make things easier and less restrictive for us. Will ask Alan Wolf what other clubs do.
  1. Other office activities-
    1. Neil suggested the possibility of having an OMBUDSMAN to help us with board and club conflict.
  1. Summer Competition
    1. Scott is graciously overseeing the comp sign up process and has access to entry ezee. So far 50 registered and 174 starts. This is low but he says that historically people sign up late. Deadline on June 15th. .
    2. We talked about the things that still need to be done. Stefanie had most of judges housing lined up.
    3. Concerns over the BBQ that was scheduled with Sun Valley co. it is going to cost a lot of money and we have to guarantee 1500.00 each day for the two days. Scott doesn’t think it is possible and we may be better off with our regular snack bar. We will then have to find volunteer to bring food for judges etc.
  2. Renewal Process for Membership
    1. Jen is working on the renewals and it is going well. She will need access to the bank/check at some point to pay USFS dues.
    2. Jen offered to do a newsletter to club to let them know of changes and transition.
      1.Nick made motion for Jen to send this and update new and old members in roster on Mail Chimp.
      2.Nick made another motion to add Jen to Mail Chimp account and give her passwords. Also to be the second signature on checks and other account things as needed. Rick second the motions. All approved..
  3. Meeting with Alan Wolf
    1. Board meeting on Friday from 6- 10pm.
    2. Saturday whole membership 1:00pm- 3:00 pm
    3. Board follow up 3:00- 5:00 pm.
  4. Future meeting schedule
    1. We will probably need to meet twice a month until the competition is over. Will be a lot going on but once we get things in order. Much easier.
  5. Annual Awards
    1. Usually held in May. Was cancelled this year even though it was all set and ready to go. Jen had all awards ready in her computer.
    2. Need to recognize the SENIORS at some point this summer.
    3. Gigi will got to Barry Peterson to pick up their gifts that Stefanie had made.

Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned at 7:50p.m. by Neil Morrow.

 We have not set a future meeting date.


Minutes submitted by:     Jen Silva