Meeting Minutes Oct. 13, 2015

Update from last Tuesday’s Club Board meeting:

1) The Skate with Us program is off and running, with 40 participants, including a few adults!  We have just completed the third week of lessons and all seems to be running smoothly.  Many thanks to Holly, Frank, Anita, Natalia and Gia for their efforts.
2) The Skate with Us program will culminate with a party and skating exhibition on Friday, December 11th.  This will also be the Club’s holiday party and annual award ceremony, so mark your calendars!  More info to follow.
3) The Club’s fiscal year has been adjusted to coincide with the calendar year (it had previously ended on September 30th), which makes more sense given the timing of our “events” (competitions and test sessions).  As is the case with all organizations who make this sort of change, we will report and file tax returns for the periods Oct 1, 2014-Sept 30, 2015 AND Oct 1, 2015-Dec 31, 2015.  Our FY2016 will then begin on January 1, 2016.  We have a budget for the 15 month period, but are now working on splitting it out for the three-month versus 12-month periods.  We will send that to you as soon as that process is complete. We will also send the P&L from FY2015 as soon as it’s final. Please thank Julie Siegel if you see her for taking on all of this work, along with all the day-to-day bookkeeping.  All as a volunteer, I might add.
4) The Board adopted several changes to the bylaws that had been proposed in October 2014.  Board member Neil Morrow, who has worked with numerous non-profits on their by-laws, reviewed ours, and the suggested changes.  He agreed with all of them, and the Board voted to adopt them. The revised by-laws are attached, as is the memo Trina wrote last October explaining each change.  They are meant to clarify and tidy up the bylaws — there is nothing of major significance there.  It should be noted that at last year’s annual meeting, the membership did adopt one of the suggested changes, which was to allow the Board rather than the membership to amend the bylaws when needed.
5)  The Board agreed to continue to offer 2 free indoor freestyle sessions each week for the entire membership from January until April.  That equates to a value of $26 each week to each participant (sessions are $13/each without a punch card).  The Club will also pay the fees for coaches during those sessions.  We will be back in touch once the schedule has been confirmed.  It was emphasized that freestyle sessions are intended for serious training purposes only, not for fun and goofing around with friends.  We are hoping to recruit a parent to monitor each session to ensure that the normal freestyle “rules” are followed.
6) The Board has formed a separate committee to develop policies and procedures for a dedicatedfinancial aid/scholarship program.  If anyone would like to join this committee, please let Trina know.  Our first step will be to research programs adopted by other clubs.
7) There was a discussion about continuing the successful Battle of the Blades fundraiser.  It is a major production that requires a lot of work by many volunteers, especially the pro’s…but it is also an event that we know is beloved in the community.  We would really like to hear from all of you on the subject.  Contact Trina.
8) Finally, our next meeting will take place onWednesday, November 4th at 5:45 at Windemere in Ketchum, corner of Main Street and 2nd Street.